3D Print — SLA — Formlabs 2 — Introduction [ENG]

ab 65,00 

3D Print — SLA — Formlabs 2 — Introduction [ENG]

Introductory lessons on the Formlabs 2 SLA 3D-printers at Motion Lab.Berlin
This course is a prerequisite for using the machines independently in MotionLab.Berlin!

Price (per person):
For MotionLab-Member: 65€
For Non-Member: 80€

ab 65,00 


This 3D Print SLA workshop enables you to work with MotionLabs Formlabs 2 SLA 3D-printers confidently on your own.

Requirements: Bring your own laptop and a normal mouse with a wheel.
Please, pre-install the software: Preform
Note: Knowledge in using a CAD Software is beneficial for this course.

At the end of this 3D Print SLA workshop, you will understand the full production process: From preparing your data to printing an object.

Within 1 to 2 hours* of this workshop, we will first look at geometries that are ideal for prototyping with an SLA 3D-printer. We will explain the pains and gains of printing with the SLA in comparison to printing with FDM technology.

*Course duration is 1,5 hour. Additional time is needed with a fully booked session.

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1-2 hours


Bouchéstraße 12, Halle 20
12435 Berlin

3D-Print Area


Marizon Bilano has worked as a product and UI/UX designer since 2011 and as a project manager since 2013. Her portfolio includes work for Design Research Lab Berlin, Art Basel/Studio Keimeyer, Native Instruments, Archimedes Exhibitions, and IBM Watson. Her interests lie in social design with a participatory design approach and gamification elements. Since 2017, she is a lecturer for art and design history at the multimedia university Macromedia FH in Berlin.


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