3D Print FDM — Craftbot Introduction

ab 65,00 

3D Print FDM — Craftbot Introduction

Hands-on introductory lessons on the Craftbot-3D-printers at MotionLab.Berlin.
This course is a prerequisite for using the machines independently in MotionLab.Berlin!

Price (per person):
For MotionLab-Member: 65€
For Non-Member: 80€

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ab 65,00 


This 3D Print FDM workshop enables you to work with MotionLabs Craftbot 3D-printers confidently on your own.

Bring your laptop and a normal mouse with a wheel. Please, pre-install two softwares:


At the end of this 3D Print FDM workshop, you will have gone through the full production process: from preparing your data to printing an object. Please note: the object we will create will be provided by the lecturer for all members of this course.

Let’s Get Real!
Within 2 to 3 hours* of this workshop, we will first look at geometries that are ideal for prototyping with a 3D-printer. We will then have a hands-on study at the machines themselves as we will expose their unique handlings that are usual when working with 3D-printers at the MotionLab.Berlin.

We are going to test two materials to show their different behaviors while printing. Finally, we will root out potential mishaps to prevent them in your future projects.

Practice makes perfect!
If you’ve entered the field of 3D printer technologies for the first time through this workshop, we recommend you to visit the workshop a second time. Every second workshop, we will create a different object. Alternatively, there is a large, lovely community in the co-working space of the MotionLab.Berlin that can help you with your project.

*Course duration is 2 hours. An additional hour is needed with a fully booked session.


Zusätzliche Information


2-3 hours


Bouchéstraße 12, Halle 20
12435 Berlin

3dK area



4 Bewertungen für 3D Print FDM — Craftbot Introduction

  1. Antoine

    Thank you to Marizon for the very helpful class in FDM 3d printing. I recommand!

  2. Silko (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    Thank you Marizon. Now I feel confident and safe to use the craftbot printers on my own.

  3. Hermann

    Thank you Marizon for the excellent lessons in using the 3d printers. This has brought my project a big step forward.

  4. Jan

    Great course. Thanks for teaching us.

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